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Earn Gold Playing The Food Game
Earn Cash And credits Playing The VTG Games
The Food Game PartnerSurfing Profit
Progressive Sign Up Bonus :
2500 Credits
2500 Banner Impressions
2500 Text Impressions


1:1.5 Surfing Ratio
2 Second Timer
5000 Bonus Credits Per Month
5000 Banner Imps Per Month
5000 Text Imprs Per Month
50% Commissions On Referral Purchases
20% On Referral Credits
List 100 Sites/Banners/Text
Yearly General Upgrade - $49.99

Adjutant General

1:1.2 Surfing Ratio
3 Second Timer
3000 Bonus Credits Per Month
3000 Banner Imps Per Month
3000 Text Imprs Per Month
30% Commissions On Referral Purchases
15% On Referral Credits
List 30 Sites/Banners/Text
Yearly Adjutant General Upgrade - $29.99

Co-adjutant General

1:1 Surfing Ratio
4 Second Timer
1000 Bonus Credits Per Month
1000 Banner Imps Per Month
1000 Text Imprs Per Month
20% Commissions On Referral Purchases
10% On Referral Credits
List 10 Sites/Banners/Text
Yearly Co-adjutant General Upgrade - $19.99

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